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The Model of International Conference and Exhibition that we will be organizing in the Near Future The 15th International Conference and Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training and Skills Development will take place in Rwandan Capital City, Kigali from May 11-13, 2022, at Kigali Convention Center with the theme of “A new purpose for Education”. … Continue reading

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Notice to Moroccan and African Entrepreneurs Seeking to break the shackles of distance and the obstacles of know-how and the linguistic and cultural barriers as well as those regulating the flow of goods between nations.

A free offer for Entrepreneurs as a gift we started in the New Year 2022 to help you become an international operator. Already established Companies can also access this offer.

This offer aims to encourage entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for a breakthrough, a breakthrough to allow them to cross the threshold of hesitation and restraint and to discover the undersides and the tops of the outfit and the management of international business affairs. You want to learn how to conduct an international business operation and you have ideas but are hesitant to take the first step. Contact this email:

Let me know your idea and if you are interested in international trade with France or the USA and I will see what I can do to give you some punch and an orientation so that you will take the needed first step and at the same time you will accomplish it with a sense of direction.

In the meantime, you can read about what I do and what I do for others from my residence in Northern California and this by browsing the content of this link in which I mentioned Morocco along the United States and France to let you know through these signs that I have proven skills regarding the tripartite trade relations between these 3 countries

My current goal through this writing is that help individuals of African and Moroccan descent first if they feel capable of attempting the adventure of international trade in the present context where and when it has become a matter of determination without having to worry about the distance, the lack of direct communication and the difficulty to access business intelligence which the sum used to impede the desire and cool the ardor to exchange with other people, other organizations and other companies.

Now, you do not have to worry about the geographical location but be rather concerned with the existence the seriousness of the persons involved and the quality of the product and the service offered Consulting Services



Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) Loumage Expansion in Middle East & Africa

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui Articles on USA, Morocco, and Africa

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American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa
🌐 To develop a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and social progress 🌐
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Welcome to the American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa which strives to contribute to the economic enhancement of the development drive of Africa, through its support of the entrepreneurial spirit and action, the cooperation between authorities, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and community leaders to coordinate their policies, strategies, efforts and actions toward the spreading of development across the African Economic Regional Communities.

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa seeks and favors the establishment of partnerships and collaboration with all the parties interested in the growth of entrepreneurship in Africa.

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa  

An institute offering education and formation to realize the entrepreneurial potentialities of Africa by providing support to entrepreneurs and students to shift from lower value-added jobs to a knowledge-based, skills-intensive, and technological innovation-focused production.  The American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa seeks to contribute to the creation of employment based on a demand-driven, self-sustaining market for investments in high-performance technologies and services with a focus on African countries and regions connected to Morocco through trade treaties and economic integration and alliances.

We have established educational strategies that are based on teaching models that are built on sound and practical knowledge and sought after by many corporate clients and educational institutions, and workforce development agencies, including businesses and government sectors.
We have also provided training to officials and executives from Africa, Asia, Europe, North Africa, Mexico, and USA.

We make sure that you understand Entrepreneurial Project – Management – EPM and connect you to a community of professionals, organizations, and experts worldwide.

If you are to get started on your EPM certification today,  contact Project Management Strategy .

We can provide the support and structure you need to be successful!

What our AIEA training methods include:

  • Visual and engaging sessions
  • Simplified and easily reinforced concepts
  • Online training tools
  • Mock exams to help you prepare
  • Small class size for dynamic learning
  • Multiple options to fit your schedule

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa is a project-based initiative seeking to establish digital logistics and the technological platforms to be able to connect virtually potential entrepreneurs in French and English-speaking Africa with African-American Mentors here in the United States.  

AEIA initiative strives to accompany African entrepreneurs on their journeys to impact and apply innovative and sustainable solutions to some of Africa’s most pressing challenges that are generated from the lack of jobs and opportunities for self-empowerment.

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa provides efficient education built on the talents of cutting-edge and seasoned experts to teach, train, and prepare tomorrow’s management leaders in emerging global centers.

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa team of professors will recruit mentors that are from well-established universities and are prepared to give you access to the pinnacle of the actual business intelligence and current management knowledge in
terms of practical acquisition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa


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  • 🌍To develop a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and social progress🌍 
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